Why retail outlets need to tighten up on their security more than ever
Why retail outlets need to tighten up on their security more than ever.
30 May 2017














The Office for National Statistics recently reported a surprisingly high 2.3% rise in retail sales during April, as noted by The Guardian. However, bricks-and-mortar retail outlets should be wary of taking too much confidence from this statistic – as, over the next few months, the road for retail is expected to be difficult. This touches upon why firms in this sector should bolster their security procedures.


A rosy month, but a not-so-rosy future

Seasonal factors, including the Easter holidays and warm weather, helped to bring UK shoppers out onto high streets in April. They powered the retail industry to its largest monthly growth since January 2016; however, consumer spending remains expected to slow this year. Prices are tipped to start outpacing wage growth and so heighten money concerns in many households.

In fact, in the three-month period ending in March, average earnings saw year-on-year growth of 2.1% – behind the 2.3% inflation rise during that time. Therefore, especially with inflation looking set to reach roughly 3% while pay growth stays sluggish, we shouldn’t expect the April figure to be a reliable sign of things to come for the British retail industry.

Scotiabank economist Alan Clarke warned that “the headwinds facing the consumer will intensify, which in turn is likely to slow the pace of consumer spending later in the year. We therefore remain of the view that the pace of GDP growth has further downside into the end of the year.”


Security-related food for thought

With economic factors giving many Britons good reasons not to go out to spend money, it wouldn’t be advantageous for you to add to those reasons by neglecting your retail outlet’s security. Honeywell has declared security “more than protection against theft and vandalism”, adding that it is additionally “about the knowledge that impacts your bottom line.”

The renowned maker of security systems and devices does, however, draw attention to the major effect that can come about through the prevention of theft and fraud. The company explains: “Shrinkage alone costs UK retail businesses billions of pounds Sterling each year. You need to ensure that every transaction is complete and legitimate.”


How we at All Time Security can assist

Many retail outlets in parts of South East England can relieve their security concerns by investing in retail security services available from our team at All Time Security. Once your own company has done so, you could be surprised by how quickly the benefits come into play.

Consider, for example, the availability of uniformed security staff for your physical store. Their clear presence can not only comfort law-abiding shoppers but also deter would-be thieves from even acting on their unscrupulous plans. We also have staff who can prevent loss and manage conflict.

It is worth putting in place fresh security systems now, before the retail rot begins seriously setting in. You can be confident of sourcing, from our company, a tailored package for helping to realise the practices of good retail security for Bicester, Oxford, Battersea, and many other places.


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social engineering
Is your business secure? Follow our 5 step checklist
22 Mar 2017





















Not sure if your business is secure? Then follow our five-step checklist:

  • Software

Ensure you use strong keywords for all of your technological gadgets, incorporating a mixture of numbers, upper and lower case letters and symbols. Change your passwords regularly – at least every 3 months and don’t write them down. Consider setting up a two-step login where you have to fill in a password, followed by a code.

Also, keep your anti-virus protection up-to-date – Norton, McAfee and Panda remain popular. If you’re finding your software licenses expensive explore the range of open software available – just ensure whatever you choose, you can use them for commercial use.

  • Disposing of technology

When you are disposing of software such as your office computers, ensure you’re getting rid of them responsibly and erase the hard drives before you do. Remember you must abide by the data protection act. Look for an authorised contractor to assist you, who will dispose of computers according to the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive – some charities now offer this service so that you would be doing a good turn too.

  • Keys

Do you know who has access to your premises? Ensure you know who has keys to your business premises. It’s not just the outside that counts – be sure to consider how many keys within the premises are used to open internal doors, cabinets and other storage. Do you know how many keys have been handed out by the business and do you know who has them? Do you have a way to control the duplication of keys? Ensure you have an up-to-date key control policy and that you can trace to whom keys have been issued.

A reputable locksmith can design a master key system for your business that has a patented lock with restricted access to the duplication of keys. If you are considering fitting new locks to your business premises, then make sure you are meeting the terms of your insurance policy too.  Additionally, you might want to consider engaging a key holding service from a security company in your local area. Are you looking for reputable security companies near you to assist you with key holding services and other security services? Then help is at hand.

  • Consider security cameras

Security cameras can give you peace of mind, whether they’re acting as a deterrent to make people think twice about their actions or enabling you to investigate an incident at a later date. The location and type of security cameras are crucial if they are to be effective, so do enlist the assistance of a professional. If your business is likely to grow in the future then consider a contract that allows you to scale up if you need to.

  • Fit an alarm

If you haven’t already, consider installing an alarm system into your business premises. Get the locks right first, and then look at your alarm choices. A range of options are available, so do consult a professional to find the right type for your business and ensure they are members of the National Security Inspectorate (NSI) or Security Systems and Alarm Inspection Board (SSAIB). First and foremost consider what you want from the device, from a signal to be sent to a remote monitoring centre, or a call put into the police.

We hope that this 5 point checklist has been helpful to you in evaluating the security of your business and it’s given you food for thought on how best to approach this in the future.

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construction site gurard
The Risks of Leaving Your Site Vacant Without a Construction Site Guard
05 Dec 2016













All Time Security takes its role in the security sector seriously and understands the risks that come with leaving your property unattended.

All construction sites should be monitored at all times to ensure that all work is undertaken smoothly and professionally. Leaving your site vacant leaves you open to a plethora of threats that can cease construction and bring an entire project to its knees.

Equipment theft

The tools required for construction work are very valuable. Leaving your site unattended means that your work tools are open for thieves to take. This not only delays construction significantly but could also cost your company dearly if you’re the one who supplied your workers with the tools.

Tool theft hinders both huge corporations and small sole traders on a daily basis. A thief wouldn’t need much time on the site to bring a halt to the project. As reported by PHAM News, power tools are among the items most frequently stolen from construction sites, but even small hand tools can cost a fortune to replace.

Onsite security services can ensure that any theft attempts are prevented and provide comprehensive monitoring that will deter future theft attempts.

Project sabotage

Sometimes, a person or group of people will oppose the construction of a building. Whether they want to make a statement against the company you’re representing or an anarchist wants to bring the structure down, sabotage could not only delay your project and take a toll on your finances, but also put your workers in mortal danger.

Even if you think you’re safe and don’t have any enemies, you and your workforce could still be subject to a random act of deadly sabotage from a radical. Without the proper supervision of a construction site, someone could slip through and plant a bomb or cause serious harm to a load-bearing portion of the building.

With a well-trained construction site guard, you can keep protestors or extremists from infiltrating the premises. Door supervision can prevent unauthorised access to the interior of a construction and provide your workers with a safe area in which to work.

Local wildlife may invade

Sometimes, it’s not a person posing a threat to your project, as animals can find their way onto construction sites and disrupt workers.

Invading wildlife is harder to get rid of because they won’t understand the consequences of invading a construction site and you can’t reason with them. What’s more, the animal could be dangerous, as this recent Daily Mail report on the discovery of an anaconda on a Brazilian building site may go some way to demonstrating! Even relatively harmless animals like cats or weasels can still carry rabies and spread it to your workers.

A doorman or onsite construction site guard will be able to spot these types of intruders while the lot is vacant and take the necessary steps to eject it from the premises before the workers return.

 Can you afford to leave your site unattended?

Leaving your construction site unattended could spell disaster for your business and employees, which is why it’s so important to put the most appropriate security measures in place.

All Time Security is dedicated to bringing a strong sense of safety to all areas to which we are appointed. We cover construction sites, event security, doorman services and much more, so don’t hesitate to get in touch for more information about our services.

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Corporate security
What you need to consider when choosing corporate security
17 Nov 2016











Do you run a business that is based in a very corporate area? If so, there’s no escaping that you need to think carefully when it comes to the subject of your company’s security. There are various options to consider for safeguarding your business – so, how can you narrow them down and decide which of these options most warrant your attention?

A question of reputation

Firstly, you should decide which security services provider you should turn to. Writing for Adventures in Advertising, Carlos Funk says that you should opt for a company with a great reputation. Thankfully, as we make clear on our Why Choose Us page, our own company of All Time Security has a reputation based on our strong values of commitment to providing a safe and secure environment. Dependability, reliability and efficiency are our watchwords.

Furthermore, as a contractor of services including security guards, door supervising, close protection, key holding and CCTV, we are approved by the Security Industry Authority (SIA). This indicates that the SIA has judged our services, policies, staff and procedures in these five areas to reach an excellent standard. All of this can give you confidence that, when you reach out to us for your corporate security needs, we won’t let you down.

Why it can be worth mixing up your security measures

Different companies can benefit from different security measures. For example, as Carlos Funk points out, you probably don’t need a full time security guard in order to keep a small office safe, whereas it can make sense to implement a big variety of security procedures if you’re looking after a large building in which you have a high number of employees.

Nonetheless, as corporate security is a subject that warrants much lasting attention and thought on your part, you should seriously consider opting for an intricate blend of protective measures. Here at All Time Security, our corporate security services include the provision of officers capable of guarding factories, building and construction sites, warehouses and car parks. All of that, and they can carry out patrolling duties, too… so, that’s a lot of bases covered.

First impressions are, naturally, vital for your company

 We have already detailed various practical benefits of drawing upon our corporate security services – but you still need to consider a few other little things that, ultimately, should probably be considered big things. Whatever type of business you run, it’s crucial that it delivers good first impressions for people who turn to it. We can help you to deliver exactly those impressions.

That’s because we can provide a smartly dressed and politely spoken security officer for manning your business building’s reception. This officer will also be SIA licensed and able to answer telephones and sign guests in with a high level of professionalism that will really do your company proud. We aim to leave your guests thoroughly impressed.

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Seven ways to prevent shoplifting in your store
05 Oct 2016














For small and medium-sized businesses across the country, theft can play a significant role in cash flow and bottom line. In the UK alone, retail crime soared to a record £613m at the start of 2016, indicating that more needs to be done by business owners to keep their stores shoplifting-proof.

Luckily, there are some simple ways to prevent – or, at least reduce – shoplifting in your store, and we have listed some of the most useful below for you to peruse.

  1. Maximise your visibility

Being close by to valuable stock is one of the best ways of reducing the possibility of shoplifting. Placing your displays closer to the till or cash register, keeping your store tidy and using mirrors to eliminate blind spots are just some of the ways you can maximise visibility within your store, ensuring that criminals can’t run away with your goods.

  1. Inspect your purchases

When your employees take payment for goods, make sure they double-check all of the merchandise you sell. By checking baskets, purses and envelopes, you have added peace of mind that additional stock hasn’t ended up inside – and that your customers aren’t taking home extra items for free!

  1. Implement a shoplifting policy

By carefully crafting a shoplifting policy, you can show your customers that you are serious about crime. Displaying posters and warnings around your store such as ‘shoplifters will be prosecuted’ can effectively combat shoplifters.

  1. Lock up your products

Depending on the industry you operate in, you may decide to protect your merchandise by locking it and limiting access to display cases or catalogues. By keeping products out of arms reach and requiring employee assistance can add a security barrier between your products and thieves.

  1. Make your security systems visible

By putting your security systems on display, you will deter shoplifters from taking your valuable stock. Whether you rely on faux cameras, security guards or you decide to take advantage of the security services offered by All Time Security, letting customers know that you are protected is one of the most effective deterrents against shoplifting.

  1. Know how to spot one

By understanding the key behaviours and attitudes of shoplifters, you will be able to enter ‘alert mode’ and watch customers who appear nervous, stare, wander and regularly leave and come back. Although it’s impossible to individually monitor everyone, looking out for suspicious customers and communicating with members of your team is a great way to reduce the chances of shoplifting.

  1. Have a strong presence

Greeting every customer individually and helping them with their shopping process will not only boost your levels of customer service but also remind potential shoplifters that they are being monitored. If you work in a clothes store, for example, you could monitor the number of items customers take with them and then assist by bringing items to their changing room. It is a great way to subtly check that they are not stashing away clothes in their handbags.

Although it would be impossible to eliminate shoplifting from your store, following the advice mentioned in this article will make it more difficult for thieves to take away your merchandise without payment. Follow our tips for design and customer service, and you’ll soon see that your store is less attractive to shoplifters and that your profits are increasing.

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ATS All Time Security
Why Hire Security Guards For Your Event?
28 Jul 2016













Irrespective of what type of event you might be planning or organising, one of the hardest things to plan for is the possible risks – where there are groups of people collated together, there are always risks to your customers, staff and your venue.

Hiring a security company that you can trust and rely on is absolutely crucial.

You need to focus on your event, ensuring it is a successful and an enjoyable occasion for your customers and it is up to the security company to guarantee that you can do just that. And not have to deal with any issues that may break out.


Giving your customers peace of mind

Instructing a security team will, not only ensure that they deal will any trouble that may occur, but will give a clear message to your customers that you take their safety seriously. You are taking the initiative to ensure that they can enjoy your event and not have to worry about anything.

Protecting your property

A good security team will know that your event is super important but so is your property and will keep a close eye that your premises and property is secure and well protected.

At a busy event it is easy to miss possible dangers to your property like fires and leaks. The security team is vigilant and actively looks for possible problems that may occur. The Security team leader would have scoped out your venue and have a put a plan in place in order to manage this, including highlighting high risk areas and proposed parameter routes and checks.

Not only does the security team look out for fires and leaks, they will look out for and try to prevent criminal damage from attendees. They will ensure that risks are reduced by assessing possible dangers, e.g. removing empty glasses or other apparatus that could get damaged or cause damage. They will also ensure that attendees are behaving sensibly and act quickly and professionally if this changes.

Protecting your interests   

The security team are trained to identify issues that may affect your interests. The team are skilled in looking out for issues like fire exits being inaccessible or underage attendees getting access to alcohol.

The security team will be extra vigilant in people using any type of illegal substances at your event.

Living your values

Security teams are not there just to secure and protect, they are also there to work alongside you to provide outstanding customer service and a great customer experience.

The guards are the first people that customers see when they arrive and the last when they leave, and that’s exactly why the guards are trained to be smartly dressed, polite and helpful.

To hire a great security team for your event or any other security service please contact All Time Security on: 03330 050945 or for more information go to


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What is an SIA approved contractor?
11 Jul 2016







So what exactly does an SIA approved contractor mean? And why should the security company you are hiring have a valid SIA approved accreditation?

The answer is simple, when a security company becomes an approved contractor, they have complied with the highest standards in the security industry.

What is the SIA?

The Security Industry Authority is an independent organisation that was set up by the government and is responsible for regulating the private security industry. When a security company applies for the scheme, it is the SIA that ensure that the highest standards are met. This then ensures correct operations, processes, professionalism and trust.

Being SIA Accredited

Companies that have this logo displayed have voluntarily applied for the scheme and have gone through the gruelling process of the SIA inspecting their operations, processes, values, performance and more. And have been awarded the accreditation by demonstrating that they qualify to be a serious and reliable security company.

Approved contractors are dedicated to providing great customer service and, importantly, their customers can be assured that all the security staff deployed to their p

remises or events are fully trained and approved SIA staff.

Quality Assurance

Customers that hire a security company that is an approved contractor will have the confidence that the team securing their premises or event have been extensively assessed for quality and best practice.

Customers will also have assurance that the security company will have robust customer focused procedures to overcome any concerns that may occur.

In conclusion, when you hire a security company that is an SIA Approved Contractor, you are getting an all-round professional, trusted service. Guaranteeing high standards in providing security services, including qualified, competent and customer-focused security guards, resilient procedures and policies and fantastic customer care.

If you require a security company that is an SIA Approved Contractor for Security Guarding, Key Holding, Door Supervision, Close Protection and CCTV Public Surveillance then contact All Time Security on: 03330 050945 or visit:

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