How a professional security service can make your event run smoothly
11 Jul 2017

                        Whether you’re planning a big corporate event, a fashion show, an exhibition or a work party, hiring a professional security service can help to put your mind at ease.  You’ll have a lot of things to be taking care of on the day, […]

Why retail outlets need to tighten up on their security more than ever
30 May 2017

                          The Office for National Statistics recently reported a surprisingly high 2.3% rise in retail sales during April, as noted by The Guardian. However, bricks-and-mortar retail outlets should be wary of taking too much confidence from this statistic – as, over the next […]

social engineering
22 Mar 2017

                                        Not sure if your business is secure? Then follow our five-step checklist: Software Ensure you use strong keywords for all of your technological gadgets, incorporating a mixture of numbers, upper and lower case letters and […]

organising event security
03 Mar 2017

                        Whether you’re planning on organising a red carpet event, a fashion show, a trade show or a small exhibition, having the correct security measures in place for the size of your event can ensure that it will run as safely and as smoothly […]

how to protect your business in 2017
24 Jan 2017

                          Whether you own a fairly large business or you’re just starting out, it’s very important to look into security and protection. With the continuous developments in technology, criminals are finding new ways to break into accounts and systems, as well as attempting […]

construction site gurard
05 Dec 2016

                        All Time Security takes its role in the security sector seriously and understands the risks that come with leaving your property unattended. All construction sites should be monitored at all times to ensure that all work is undertaken smoothly and professionally. Leaving your […]

Corporate security
17 Nov 2016

                    Do you run a business that is based in a very corporate area? If so, there’s no escaping that you need to think carefully when it comes to the subject of your company’s security. There are various options to consider for safeguarding your business – […]

05 Oct 2016

                          For small and medium-sized businesses across the country, theft can play a significant role in cash flow and bottom line. In the UK alone, retail crime soared to a record £613m at the start of 2016, indicating that more needs to be […]

ATS control room
10 Sep 2016

                                        With growing risks for venues, events, retailers and even security guards themselves, security companies like All Time Security have a put robust measures in place. One of these measures is having access to a central […]

Security guard
24 Aug 2016

                          The main objective of retail outlets is to provide services and products in a fashion that optimises customer satisfaction. All good retailers know that this is impossible to achieve if customers and staff do not feel safe and secure whilst being on […]